Why PeacePraxis?

Why PeacePraxis?

Christa Tinari

More empathy, less cruelty. More community, less division. More understanding, less intolerance. PeacePraxis works towards a world we all want. A world where we all are equipped with the attitudes, knowledge and skills we need to live together in justice and peace. From the classroom to the community, we tackle tough issues, and do not settle for the status quo. We partner with you in bullying prevention, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, social-emotional learning, and more. Our research-based methods ensure that you achieve sustainable, positive outcomes. For nearly 15 years, Christa M. Tinari has provided practical and transformative training to thousands of educators, students, and community members, globally. If you are looking to create lasting and meaningful change, let’s connect!

Middle School Curriculum Addresses Kindness and Bullying

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