Christa M. Tinari is a nationally recognized speaker, author, trainer, educator, product developer, and peacebuilder.

ChristaT0111Christa created PeacePraxis in order to equip every child and adult with the skills they need to resolve problems peacefully and to build equitable, caring, healthy, vibrant communities. Christa has taught peacemaking skills- such as emotional awareness and self-control, empathy, perspective-taking, bias awareness and diversity appreciation, nonviolent communication, mindfulness, mediation, and restorative approaches- to thousands of people from all walks of life. She has been called an “exceptionally gifted facilitator” who “walks the talk.”

Christa is a nationally recognized Safe Schools and School Climate Specialist, with particular expertise in Bullying Prevention, Positive Discipline, and Social-Emotional Learning.  She started her career with hands-on experience as a former High School Student Assistance Counselor, and as a Director of Prevention Programs at a community-based educational non-profit.  She has developed effective ways to meet the complex needs of educators, youth-serving professionals, parents and students of diverse ages, backgrounds, and abilities. An engaging speaker, Christa inspires audiences at major educational conferences, such as The American Montessori Society, ASCD, The Association for Middle Level Education, The Character Education Partnership, The International Bullying Prevention Association, and The International Congress on Emotional Intelligence, among many others.

Christa is creator of The Feel & Deal Activity Deck, an emotional intelligence tool used on six continents. Along with Dr. Laura Roberts, Christa is creator of The School Climate Thermometer, a survey instrument designed to ‘take the temperature’ of school climate at middle schools. She authored the Educator’s Guide to The Making Peace Photography Exhibition, which has shown at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, and major museums across the globe. Her newest resource is the book Christa co-authored with Naomi Drew, Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School: 48 Character-Building Lessons to Foster Respect and Prevent Bullying, from Free Spirit Publishing.

Christa has been Adjunct Instructor at Temple University since 2008, where she teaches future educators how to build positive classroom communities. She has provided conflict resolution skills training to College of Education faculty at over a dozen U.S. colleges and universities. She holds a BA in Psychology, Minor in Women’s Studies, and a MA in International Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, with a concentration in Education.

PeacePraxis has a motto: People first.

Christa is as passionate as you are about your students, staff, and community! She values the relationships she builds with clients and partners because each person brings something unique and important to the table. Former clients remain a part of the PeacePraxis family and are invited to stay personally and professionally connected after project goals are accomplished.

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What is Christa up to when she’s not teaching peace?

Playing with pups.

Hanging with the  pups.

Having crazy adventures with the family.