21 Kindness Tips!

How can we create a culture of kindness? What does it mean to be kind?

It means a whole lot more than “being nice!”  Instead, being kind involves being aware and concerned about the well-being of those around you- and then taking positive action based on that concern.  It includes some really nitty-gritty stuff like challenging stereotypes.  The new middle school curriculum, Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School , addresses that tricky issue, as well as inclusion, compassion, empathy, perspective-taking, bullying, and conflict resolution.

Based on that work, I’ve included below a link to ’21 Kindness Tips’ that invite you to go beyond “being nice.”  We had a great conversation about these tips during my talk on “Raising Kind Kids” at the Doylestown Bookshop.

My 9-year-old daughter and I truly enjoyed Christa’s discussion about creating a culture of kindness, not just in schools, but in our lives. We discussed the value of listening to others, creating a climate of openness and emotional safety. My daughter was encouraged to share her thoughts about how she could be a better listener at school during times when she doesn’t feel like listening (her words). As a  parent, I’m reminded that our children need and deserve eye contact and to be given our full attention amidst the ever-present distractions of technology. I was grateful that my daughter was there to learn about being an upstander and receive tips on how to support the unsupported. Christa is a gem, and our community is very lucky to have these conversations with her! ~ Meena Dershin,  parent and Licensed Professional Counselor.

Use the tips at home or school as conversation starters and reminders of how our actions have a big impact on others, and our community.  Get  the 21 Kindness Tips !


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